B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Justice 365

B uild

R elationships &

E ncourage

A lternative

T actics to

H umanize

E nforcement

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Our Mission

To Promote Justice and Equality with Unified Plans for Safe, Effective, Community-based Policing Practices.

Our Goals

  • To unite citizens, police & activist groups for humanity in law enforcement

  • To hold police officers accountable for their actions

  • To build communities where citizens and officers feel safe

  • To advance civil liberties and voting rights

  • Police killed at least 1,098 people in 2019

  • Black people were 24% of those killed despite being only 13% of the population.

  • Black People are 3 Times More Likely to be Killed by Police than White People, Even Though They are More Likely to be Unarmed


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We Demand Focus and Change in the areas of Safety, Accountability and Community

Our Specific List of Demands

Community Connection:

Develop strong community ties to humanize officers & citizens.

Join the Cause: B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

Change requires persistence in the midst of adversity and a devotion to a cause greater than one's self. United, we can make our world a safe place for Black men, women and children. We can build secure communities with harmony between police officers and citizens. Together, We can inhale Justice and Equality and Exhale Hatred and Racism. Collectively, we can Build Relationships & Encourage Alternative Tactics to Humanize Enforcement. 

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