Future Directives

Ideas to Propel Us Forward in Justice

Eliminate Cash Bonds

Enhance Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Defenders

Mandate that Law Schools Require Students to Serve 100 hours in the public defender's office in their 3rd year of law school

Declare that Police and Citizens lose legal standing when they use a lethal remedy (gun, knife) because they start to "fear for their lives" in a fight they began

Implement gun holster technology that automatically activates live cameras (streamed to the police chief and Police Action Review Board) when an officer's gun is removed from its holster

Eliminate "sicking of dogs" as a means of policing human beings


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Know the Facts


Insist On Definitive Change

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Take Action


Make Demands, not Noise

Police Car Lights

Survive Police Stops While We Fight for Equality

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Keep Pressing Forward

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Join Forces for Change

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