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The Importance of Voting

If you don't vote, you can protest all you want, but things won't change.

Don't Vote? Don't Complain.


Don't like the way your local police treat citizens?  Vote in NEW officials who will make your priorities their priorities.

Vote OUT corrupt, status quo officials.

Read your ballots thoroughly. Make choices in line with your morals and ideals.

For maximal local impact, vote for candidates, especially City Council & Congress Reps, Mayors, Sheriffs, Governors and JUDGES who have shown a commitment to Criminal Justice Reform.

Excitedly Serve Jury Duty. Don't get out of that summons. Get on the Jury so that your voice can be heard and cases can be decided fairly. You may be the only voice on that jury proposing civil treatment for a defendant of color.

Vote: Take Action
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It's Simple, Quick, and Your DUTY

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Know Who's Currently in Control and How You Feel about  their Performance.

Election Day

You don't have to be rich or popular or powerful; sincere, people vote for passionate, like-minded, goal-oriented candidates.

Vote: Take Action

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Know the Facts


Insist On Definitive Change

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Take Action


Make Demands, not Noise

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Use Your Power

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Survive Police Stops While We Fight for Equality

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Keep Pressing Forward

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Join Forces for Change

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Learn Our Origins

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