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Act Now

You CAN Make a Difference

Act Now: Take Action
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Make Your Demands Known

Download the file and send via email and USPS to your local police department and government officials. Share the file and your demands via social media.

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Write and Call Your Representatives

Tell them Your Specific Demands

Let them know that you fully intend to use the power of your influence and your vote to find a suitable replacement for them should they not act urgently.

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Meet with Officials

Show up prepared with your list of demands

Take like-minded community members with you. Be specific with your requests. Do your research as your local officials may have community meetings already on the calendar. Be informed: your local officials may have already met some of your demands.

Image by Tony Zhen

Continue Protesting

Peaceful protests are making a huge difference. Keep the momentum; keep demanding change. 

Find protests near you:

  • Twitter: "protest [your location] this week"

  • Facebook: Click the "Events" tab and search "protest" or "march"

  • Google: Search "BLM Protest Near Me" 

Image by Metin Ozer

Strike Up Conversation

Calmly share the facts with others. Share your personal experiences with racism and prejudice.

Many don't believe racism or police brutality exist because they've never been impacted by it. Some live in a bubble where their news network and friends only echo biased and inaccurate information. Be the truth they need to hear.

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B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Justice 365


Know the Facts


Insist On Definitive Change

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Take Action


Make Demands, not Noise

Vote buttons on flag

Use Your Power

Police Car Lights

Survive Police Stops While We Fight for Equality

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Keep Pressing Forward

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Join Forces for Change

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Learn Our Origins

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