Our Demands

Safety. Accountability. Community.

1) Safety

Police Safely to Preserves Lives

  • Universally illegalize head and neck maneuvers

    • Goal: Save lives​

    • Plan: Fire, Arrest, Charge, Independently Prosecute Violating Officers

  • Prioritize maintenance of life of people in police custody

    • Goal: ​Bring people to the justice system; Don't be the justice system

    • Plan: Fire, Arrest, Charge, Independently Prosecute Violating Officers

  • Implement strict Use of Force and Situation De-escalation policies​

    • Goal: Empower officers with guidelines to keep themselves and the community safe​

    • Plan: Rigorously and repeatedly train officers; Strictly enforce adherence with Police Action Review Board oversight

      • Run officer enacted drills once weekly at roll call​

  • Reward safe policing practices

    • Goal: Incentivize officers to avoid use of excessive force​

    • Plan: Provide tiered, quarterly, monetary bonuses and recognition to officers who avoid excessive force

  • Require bi-annual, in-person, Implicit Bias Training

    • Goal: Recognize and counteract prejudicial police practices

    • Plan: Train officers to combat their tendencies toward bias

  • Require five, annual, weaponless shifts in urban emergency department psychiatric units

    • Goal: To hone non-violent situation de-escalation skills​

    • Plan: Partner with healthcare professionals to adapt proven, non-violent, weapon-free, de-escalation techniques

2) Accountability

Hold Officers Responsible to Decrease Dangerous Practices

  • Mandate that all officers wear functioning body cameras while on-duty

    • Goal: Document un-editable police-citizen interactions as objective evidence of occurrences​

    • Plan: Record video and audio of all communications and contact with citizens from start of dispatch or patrol incident to citizen release or hand-off in police headquarters

      • Mandate that unedited body camera footage be released to the citizen (or next-of-kin if deceased) involved in police incidents within 48 hours of request​

  • Install local Police Action Review Boards

    • Goal: Provide community oversight of controversial police actions​

    • Plan: Install a non-partisan, multi-cultural, police and citizen-based Police Action Review Board to review controversial cases and provide decisive guidelines to police departments that must be followed

  • Enact Effective Federal Legislation

    • Goal: Nationally standardize key policies to keep citizens and police safe​

    • Plan: Enact federal legislation that mandates oversight of and accountability for safe, non-discriminatory tactics of local police departments

3) Community

Developing Strong Community Ties Humanizes Officers & Citizens

  • Incentivize Community Policing

    • Provide housing discounts and tax breaks to officers who live in the neighborhood they police​

      • Goal: Instill a sense of comfort, pride and community-duty in police officers

      • Plan: Create local, state and federal programs granting officers monetary incentives to live full-time in the communities they police

  • Mandate that 20% of officers live within the community they police
    • Goal: Instill a sense of comfort, pride and community-duty in police officers

    • Plan: Create local, state and federal programs granting officers monetary incentives to live full-time in the communities they police

  • Provide police department employment and training to promising, underrepresented minority, community youths

    • Goal: ​Build upon strong community ties to improve policing while providing career-building opportunities

    • Plan: Utilize grants for police academy scholarships, internships and summer jobs for underrepresented minorities

  • Facilitate bonding opportunities between police officers and minorities in the communities they police​​

    • Goal: Build relationships and mutual trust

    • Plan: Require a variety of impactful, regularly-scheduled community outreach events
      • It's hard to use deadly force on someone after you've done this, this, this or even this with them​
      • Coordinate monthly neighborhood lunch events at neutral venues with police and the community

      • Institute twice yearly in-home family dinners with pre-approved, underrepresented minority families living within the officer's jurisdiction


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